Traffic Lights & Other Observations

real red (and one day well-read) leather

My friend, H, gave me this book months ago. It was lovely because she just dropped by my studio with an impulse gift. Well, two gifts. But this is the relevant one: a gorgeous, leather-sorry, cows-notebook with recycled paper (see? offsetting).

Caveat: This is not a diary. But after writing and sharing every day for my other recently deceased blog, I became addicted to jotting down mundane thoughts, ideas and observations. So I will begin again because it excites me and I love scribbling mindlessly about everyday stuff.

Promise to myself: This is not a diary. It will not take away from my time with the people I love or my work. There will be minimal (and only if absolutely necessary) references to myself and the people I love.

my favorite high-rise in kuwait

that's my thumbprint on your cheek, fairuz. you're mine for the next two weeks

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