Homes: Mohammed Alkandari & Jana Alnaqeeb

maradona, 2008, acrylic on canvas. he stands like a king between two barbershop chairs

I’m introducing the Home section here (which was part of my now defunct blogspot site). Because when I am parted with a painting I feel a little gut-wrenched, I ask for it to be photographed in its new home. And to my delight, many have obliged, bless them. This is the first installment, the home of my brother Mohammed, his wife Jana and their giant schnauzer Iber.

bjork, 2005, acrylic and paper on canvas. she resides by the willy wonka dvd shelves. they are not officially willy wonka shelves, but for all practical purposes they could be

girl, 2002, pen/ink/markers on paper, she lives in the bathroom

pele, 2003, acrylic on canvas. the original one. he sits in the tv room/lounge

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