Homes: Farah Behbehani

heart, 2007, acrylic on canvas

This painting hangs in the dining room of Farah Behbehani’s home. I love the way the carpet echoes the colors of my girl. The painting itself is one of a kind. I had never (and probably never will) painted what I call tantric lines on a canvas before. These lines emanate from another face within the main character. The face is the heart and the lines are the arteries and capillaries which sustain the rest of the body and mind. I was very emotionally distraught when I painted it a few years ago and I think it shows. But somehow, the painting works in a tranquil setting such as this. And I’m very flattered that Farah has one of my works because I am a huge admirer (and possessive owner) of her beautiful calligraphy book, The Conference of the Birds.

Let me know what you think

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