Um Kulthum Hello & Goodbye Night

i loved her draped like that. but now she's gone

Last Friday I had some friends over to see Um Kulthum. This was very important to me because I felt that people had to see her in real life before she went to her new home (where I’m sure she’ll get further exposure). It was a lovely night and I feel a special connection with the people who came by to share the hellos and goodbyes with me.

a few cookies never hurt anyone. i attempted to color coordinate the cups, spoons and napkins with the painting. um kulthum looks like a ghost in the background. and the snowflake skeletons from last christmas are still twinkling like stars

jana, mohammed and laura around the table of refreshment and discussion

latif, a giant bowl, a real mug and a fake one

yasmine and the queen

lubna regal

4 Comments on “Um Kulthum Hello & Goodbye Night”

  1. Hi Ghadah,
    I just saw your message on Twitter, I am so sorry I missed the opportunity to see Um Kalthum and bid her farewell to her new abode. I am so glad to see your latest work and also to know that you remember me :)

  2. In a way, my moment with the Lady is echoed especially with the opposing angles of our posture…. and my robe is very Kalthoumesqeu…. what a shot Ghadah…

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