Miti & Me

On January 6 (David Bowie’s birthday), my friend Miti and I embarked on a tour of downtown Kuwait and Sabhan. We started out with a highly ambitious plan to visit the Behbehani Complex (check), the Grand Mosque (we drove by and waved), Mubarakia (check), Kuwait’s Museum of Modern Art (skip) and The Sultan Gallery for Deema Al-Ghunaim’s show (check). We also ended up having a leisurely coffee (accompanied by a leisurely breakfast) at one of my favorite restaurants: Casper & Gambini’s.

We took loads of photographs. Unfortunately we were out at a very sunny time of day and my photos (because i’m not a photographer-excuses, excuses) turned out overexposed.

because of the location of the sun, we had fun with shadows


birdly rodent

please don't go

shooting concrete, watering asphalt


the beast...

...and the beauty

you lookin' at me?

goliath fell but just missed her

all roads lead to casper's

what we chicks really carry in our bags and the lengths we go to for that perfect self-timed shot

me and my diary at casper's

miti's sketches at casper's

they are straight. everything around them is skewed

later that afternoon at the sultan gallery. miti with deema's photos and words

things girls do. that's deema's film on the screen

5 Comments on “Miti & Me”

  1. oh i love them, love them, love them…you have a great eye and timing. I have been hybernating…but it’s time to come out and not neglect my digital studio anymore (it’s been a raining, blustery weather and I have been cooped inside watching old movies…) thankyou for thinking of me:)

  2. oh! i miss you so! came to your digital home and saw this post reminded/reblogged….this is a hug ( )

    • I miss you too, Miti. When Amona surprised us last month, I honestly waited for the other shoe to drop, pardon the expression :)! I thought, surely she brought Miti with her, but no such luck.


      *I don’t know why it’s got me as anonymous, I actually had to moderate my own comment. Technology is a moody little thing.

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