Breakfast Madness

I was commissioned by The Early Bird‘s Bianca Simonian to create two to three drawings/pictures for her new Jabriya branch. This project really inspired me and I could have gone on and on with it. I was doubly inspired by a new batch of decopatch paper I got for my friends Bettina and Lubna’s bead shop, Lb o J’zazz. I just feel like I got some of my Mojo back. Thanks, girls!

I have posted scanned images of the drawings. I’m sorry to say that the paper, because it was doused in decopatch glue, appears more warped in the pictures than in real life. So please use your imagination’s eraser and rub those crinkles out!

not so well-behaved pancakes

nouveau riche patron

her pets: egg and egg

5 Comments on “Breakfast Madness”

  1. You never cease to amaze me! It is in the ‘beyond’ realm you work in. Mashallah.. I would have never thought to come up with what you do. I love your work Ghadah.
    My favorite is the happy side up eggs :)
    Way to go!

  2. Ghadah, Ghadah, Ghadah….. what can I say. Your creations are jewels of wit, intelligence and poignant yet fantastical humor. You take it all to a different level.
    The folks and fans of The Early Bird will have a double treat, the feast of the eye and the yummy.
    This paper will never be the same when you lay your hands on them…… brilliant!

  3. Saw these while I was having breakfast the other day and immediately smiled. I knew they’d be awesome even before I came closer to properly see them. I’m totally getting a faux leopard sausage boa.

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