My New Sketchbook 2010 Pages 1-8

page one. the first sketch is always the hardest and not particularly the best

I bought myself a new sketchbook. The last time I purchased a sketchbook of this sort was probably five years ago. I ordered two online because I couldn’t find the hard covered ones here. This time, however, I bought an A5 size because of my scanner and I do plan to take it with me. I also plan to document every single page. New year, new, organized me. It won’t matter whether the sketch is fine or not, it’s going to be blogged. I also bought a new pen, a Rotring .25 Isograph. I’ve been using this pen since high school back in the late eighties. If they discontinue this pen, I will die.

page 2. i love the combination of a woman's figure and a chair

page 3. fully dressed nude

page 4. i do like chairs

page 5. the hands usually give me the ideas for my little remarks

page 6. i'm a designer wanted-to-be

page 7. she'll never shush you up at the library

page 8. inspired by the fascist blackshirts. i don't buy the ideology, but dig the clothes

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