Reuse 3.0

one of bassem mansour's installations. i love artwork that lends itself to reinterpretation.


I went to Reuse 3.0 last night and really loved it. I was supposed to stay for fifteen minutes, thirty tops, but ended up staying for almost two hours. I had forgotten what the buzz was like last year, so last night I was reminded. I’ll certainly think about doing it next year (if I’m asked on time, ahem ahem. Not being a diva here, but despite being an artist-or so I like to consider myself to be-I do believe in a degree of professionalism. There I said it!) Anyway, don’t miss it! If not for the innovative and inspiring works, then for the eccentric cluster of people under one parking lot roof. Abdulrazzak Al Shamaly’s charcoal graffiti can monster. He asked me which i preferred out of the two works he had there. I told him they were both different but I lied. I far prefer this one to the other, which looked too much like your typical lower back/right above the buttcrack tattoo.

an unlikely visitor

alia abdal and her magical eco-'bike/home'

bianca simonian & one of her gab bags. they are selling like one of bianca's early bird hotcakes so hurry up and get yours!

studentalk's cigarette box cathedral/palace/manse

two of taher sultan's creations flying through the D9 parking lot like merciless dementors

taher posing like only taher knows how...

...and his mother aruna posing like only she could.

more about this here: recycle me

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  1. i LOVE the merciless dementor reference (ok you and i=friends for life) and , most of all, the unlikely visitor! abaya and glasses! oh my! someone is in disguise! I use my glasses as my ‘veil’ :)

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