Pulse Post 567

Pulse, 2007

Acrylic on canvas

91×151 cm

4 Comments on “Pulse Post 567”

    • so you can tell i just sort of splashed the purple paint in the end! someone came by once and really loved the painting. so much that he seriously thought about buying it. but he was so upset that i ‘destroyed’ it with that last minute moment of anger.

  1. Oh. For me it isn’t destroyed at all. The splash makes it even more powerful, I guess because I am so attracted to oppositional forces, in general. Dichotomy: I like it, a lot. So this painting works for me, really a lot.

  2. i’m all about dichotomies. and i love the unexpected. and i certainly didn’t expect to splash paint on it.
    there is something so liberating about two things here: 1. the act of splashing and 2. a sense of disturbing the peace.
    i’m greatly disturbed by anything so brand new and polished. i feel that we can be enslaved by our possessions. i’m frightfully in love with new, clean books. so frighteningly in love that i pretend i accidentally fold a page, or rip the cover. only then do i feel free of its hold on me.

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