Yink & Yanc

yink&yanc, 2009, acrylic and markers on canvas

two panels, 20×30 cm each

These are Yink and Yanc. They are my contribution to a charity exhibition spearheaded by Kuwaiti artist Thuraya Al-Baghsami, coordinator of Ghadeer Gallery, and Dr. Labeeba Tameem, a member of the Hayat Committee for Cancer Patients. People, both locally and abroad, of all walks of life, of all ages, have been given a set of 20x30cm canvases, paints and brushes to create little works of art. Hence the exhibition title Small Painting in a Great Heart. The exhibition is tentatively scheduled for the end of January 2010. Please contact Ms. Al-Baghsami (g_gallery@hotmail.com) for any additional details. As always, I will let you know exact dates and times closer to the show.

All profits will go to cancer patients in Kuwait.

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