Jana & the Giant Schnauzer Iber

iberpaintingI started a painting today. I’m painting it specially for an auction which is to take place mid-February at the Dar Al-Funoon Gallery in Sharq. More about this in future posts. Because the auction will benefit a certain animal shelter, I felt that it was befitting to paint a portrait of two of my favorite animals: Jana and Iber.Of course the painting is in its preliminary stages. Jana and I have to work on another photo shoot tomorrow, focussing more on her this time.jana and iber I’m really excited because I don’t normally paint animals and it was quite intimidating to start this morning. The painting has been on my mind since Ramadan. As always it’s nothing like I’d planned it to look like. I’m sure there will be more changes as the painting progresses.iber I will continue to take photos of the painting and post them here. It needs to be finished and photographed by mid-November. I can’t wait.

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