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In 2006, I had this idea for an anonymous magazine, giving the writer/artist/photographer not just the freedom to display uncensored work, but the opportunity to be whoever they choose to be. The concept was to go all out, no holds barred. I e-mailed, messaged and called my most opinionated/creative friends and requested (demanded really) submissions.


don't i look great in man-drag? ghassan interviewed me for the lime green issue of GIG

don’t i look great in man-drag? ghassan interviewed me for the lime green issue of GIG


The response was fantastic. I can say that I went all out, even creating my alter-ego, Ghassan Al-Kindi, who went on to great things. The pink issue turned out to be a two page newspaper type publication that my cohorts and I kept on gallery and select restaurant doorsteps. This issue had a submissions box on the back page. Now here’s my gripe:

Not a single submission was sent. I was so disappointed in people. This was an opportunity to anonymously publish works, and no one was interested. I think I would have been if someone else had offered. There is so little by means of legitimately artistic venues, we are parched for culture and art, it just made me sick.

I went ahead with the lime green issue hoping that maybe this time ’round I’d get some feedback. Maybe this one would galvanize the people into submitting their works. Again, nothing. The thing is, I go to the openings of these shows and I see people who are genuinely artistic, whether artistically minded or appreciators of art. I don’t know, maybe GIG was just shit.

It doesn’t matter any more. This is the end of GIG for me. I did it. It was fun. And now it’s done.

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  1. lack of response could also be “not that apparent” access to your work? It would be a shame to give up so quickly or not so quickly but to give up all the same…would love to have a look at GIG.

  2. I wish I’d known you then. I would have submitted to you (heee!), for sure. It’s a fantastic idea. (And if it’s any consolation, I’ve had similar troubles. I’m trying to institute a sort of regular feature showcasing people’s workspaces but I’ve only had two submissions. Grrrr.)

  3. hey.. GIG was an amazing idea but your timeline was so close.. and you didnt explain it well to me!! anyway i dont mind contributing to you now i still read it in the bathroom :P also i think you should make it smaller and less material so you can publish every month.. hey i am all in!!

  4. katy, you know i took some pictures to submit for your workspace segment but i’ve been so so busy! just have a crazy few days coming up (some serious serious life altering shit)…if i remember tomorrow i will.
    jana, the timeline kept moving so no excuses! i kept changing it. but anyway, now it’s out of the bag, khallas no more GIG boo hoo :( :(

  5. Ghassan Al-Kindi, your male persona…wow you have Cojones, my friend, and the magazine….you know i would have been all over that! how can you be so consistently inspiring and unconventional! You go on with your bad self, girl! I applaude you.

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