Evolution of a Name

greenbullets38If you’ve visited my original site, you may have seen this very crude little video (yes, I’m crude and proud of it) I made on powerpoint. Because I’m slowly transferring my posts, I felt like doing this one today. I haven’t upgraded my blog to directly upload videos here so bear with me as you’re transported to my other blog to visit Ina and her green bullets. Will upgrade soon though, just need to fix some other things here. cropped-greenbullets441.jpgThis video is called Ina & the Green Bullets. The name of this blog was inspired by it. I did it using my scanner and Powerpoint. Fifty frames for thirty seconds but well worth it for me! Of course, I don’t know if you can tell but the green bullets here are actually plastic wall Fischer plugs. They appear in my other video Clouds.

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