teaI love tea. I don’t drink it but I love the color and the way teabags look after being doused in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes. I kind of went crazy with these though. I opened three boxes of Chay Al-Wizza and obsessively steeped one after another and placed them on a cookie sheet. I love the organic feel of the bags and the aroma took me back to my grandparent’s old home when my grandpa used to cool down the tea for us by pouring it into a saucer and twirling it around a little.

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    • i haven’t completely left blogspot. i’m thinking of using both, one in tandem with the other. as soon as i’m very comfortable with wordpress (which now i’m not even remotely comfortable with) i will decide what i want to show here, and what i want to show in blogspot.

    • thanks! it’s the fourth theme i choose. i will keep blogspot though. one will work better with my diaries i think and the other with more trendier subjects (pretty green bullet-i bought the domain)

  1. bella…welcome to the wordpress family! now it is so easy for me to leave you my little notes…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ADDING MY LINK!:) love the tea bags…you go on with your creative self! :*

  2. Thanks for your daily-long-gone-post-you’d-hate-us-to-forget. Odd as it is, I never saw this entry. Makes me want to go off for a cuppa!

  3. Seeing the world through your eyes is like being held upside down by an ankle – a perspective I have never experienced before.

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