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I often tell people I’m ambidextrous. It’s been years now since my mom offhandedly (pardon the pun) said that either my brother, Tareq, or I were left-handed as a child*. I’ve always had this theory that most artists are left-handed, so I really wanted it to have been me. I do certain things with my left hand, kick with my left foot-whenever I feel the urge to kick that is. It had to have been me. Anyway, a few years back I wanted to use both my left and right hand at the same time to draw a picture. The strangest-and most natural-thing happened: my left hand was mirroring my right. I didn’t even have to think about it. The drawing above is such an example. I’m probably not the first or last to do this, but to me, it was a wonderful discovery. It made me feel special (and kind of like a mini superhero) for about a month.

*In Islam, the right hand is preferred to the left. You MUST eat with your right hand because you’re dining with the Devil himself if you use your left one.

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  1. It’s interesting how something so natural could be considered profane in the systematic programming of society and individuals. I try and imagine an alligator or a giraffe telling their offspring” no, you chew your food only on the “right” or you will be cavorting with the devil!
    Indeed, I am left handed, and ambidexterous too. Most left handed people are, whenever someone mentioned my left handedness,even as a child, I would innocently poise the question ” You mean God made a mistake?”What a glorious mistake in your case Ghadah!

    • we are programmed from an early age to think a certain way, usually the wrong or backwards way. we are programmed not to question, not to second guess. we are programmed to feel and believe that things can only be thought or done in one fashion, the directions of which are carved in concrete. in this part of the world, eyes are closed. i wish i could open them all!

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