video illustration } one week on


I want to cry. I started this video a week ago. This morning I had twenty seconds. I still have twenty seconds. But my PowerPoint crashed and I lost fifty frames. I want to cry.

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stories of eves } fatima & eve } part two


This is part two of Eve’s adventures with my friend (and her friend now) Fatima Fayez. When Fatima sent me these, she included her own narrative. I loved reading Eve’s days unfold via Fatima’s Whatsapp messages! So I’m going to post them here along with the photos she took. Read More

new video illustration


You know it’s rewarding when you spend six hours doing it and the result is six seconds long. I haven’t done a ‘video’ for ages and as I was driving the other morning, listening to Elbow’s Mirrorball, I started visualizing the song. Of course I have no idea where this will go but I think that so far it’s really cool. I’m very happy with it.

stories of eves } fatima & eve } part one

when you sleep at night she'll play you a tune, and maybe steal your shoe laces. she does that to me all the time
in shoreditch, i'm sure she has a spray can hidden somewhere

in shoreditch, i’m sure she has a spray can hidden somewhere

A few weeks ago I introduced Eve to my friend Fatima Fayez. The two got on like a house on fire, and now they are the best of travel buddies. Although Fatima was great at showing Eve around Kuwait’s finer sites, it is this trip that Eve will remember most dearly. Not only was she invited to be a part of Fatima’s friend’s bucket list of English landmarks, but she was the center of Fatima’s attention, and I know she likes that. Thank you, Fatima, for being so generous and patient with Eve. I know she can be mischievous and even diva-like sometimes. Read More

kalamazoo } april 15, 2015 } #5,6,7,8


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airplane timelines } flight ba157 london to kuwait } april 10, 2015

we watched a play, 'the woman in black', at the fortune theater and then shoe shopping in covent garden
My notebook and stamped postcards by Linda Fennigbauer, gifted to me by my partner in laughter anna dora

My notebook and stamped postcards by Linda Fennigbauer, gifted to me by my partner in laughter anna dora

In this post I’m including our last days in London and visit to Leatherhead to see N, T and the girls.

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watercolor sketchbook } the two i did in surrey

feature 1
watercolor sketchbook } three-faced hussy

watercolor sketchbook } three-faced hussy

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airplane timelines } ba156 london to kuwait } april 2, 2015

later on i steal away to the v&a while z relaxes at the hotel

I haven’t posted in ages, I know. But this is the first real chance I get to do it. So I have so much to catch up on.  Read More

kalamazoo } march 31, 2015 } #1,2,3,4

kala feature

It was hard for me to stop working on these Kalamazoo drawings back in October. So I decided to start again, because having them in my life makes me a happier person. I use all sorts of supplies on these: stamps, water, watercolors, ballpoint pen, pencil, and carbon paper. I always work on two at a time, hence the duplicate image you see below. It’s fun. Everyone should try carbon paper once in their lifetime.

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1001 eves } eves by wafa rashed

this is where she likes to come to dream

this is where she likes to come to dream

Yesterday my friend Wafa Rashed sent me all these delightful photos of Eve at Sunday night’s 1001 Eves tea party. The more she sent (this went on all day!) the fewer I included in my previous post, simply because hers were much nicer. Of the 53 Eves exploring Dar Nur, she found 39. Not bad! Thank you, Wafa, for these wonderful photographs! Read More

1001 eves } eves come out to play

eve at dar nur. i wanted mai al-nakib's 'hidden light of objects' to be in there too, since she couldn't make it

eve at dar nur. i wanted mai al-nakib’s ‘hidden light of objects’ to be in there too, since she couldn’t make it

I wanted my Eves to have an official ‘coming out’ party so Noor and I set a meet-and-greet tea last night at her shop. The weather was lovely and Eve got to meet a few of our friends and family members. And somehow the event turned into an Eve treasure hunt. It was fun and a great way to end this frantic month!

Listen to Comme Ci Comme Ca by Zaz:

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in triplicate } the creation of unoriginal artwork #78 } green face

and the green one on the outside
green face } the original

green face } the original

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hose art

'dinah won't you blow'. in kindergarten there was a girl in my class named veronica. every day before leaving for our buses she would ask ms. penny if she could sing 'i've been working on the railroad'. this reminded me of that

‘dinah won’t you blow’. in kindergarten there was a girl in my class named veronica. every day before leaving for our buses she would ask ms. penny if she could sing ‘i’ve been working on the railroad’. and then she’d sing it. this reminded me of that

I have a kinky hose.

Ok, before you go all ‘that’s what she said’ on me, hear me out. A year ago I bought this shitty hose from Ace Hardware. I swear, it came with built-in kinks. The thing won’t recoil, hardens in the sun and takes forever to spray. And as you can see, my terrace is in shambles. We’ve had some pretty strong winds and a thunderstorm, and I just haven’t had the time to clean outside. Plus I hate my hose. And the cats don’t help. BUT. All these factors have converged to create artistic nature pieces in my terrace. So I thought I’d share some of these works with you. Read More

earth on black

watching matt parker on youtube
Scan 5

earth on black, colored pencil on paper

Ugh! I hate this scanner. I can’t wait to get back to my proper desktop rather than this tiny screened laptop and crappy scanner. Two more days.  Read More

new painting on a friday morning

today's dress, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 29.5 x 60 cm

today’s dress, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 29.5 x 60 cm

Sometimes I just want to paint. It was one of those days (yesterday) that I actually went through my storeroom rummaging for stretched canvases. I found this one. There was a painting of an apple on it, which wasn’t pretty enough to render it worthy of not being painted over. This morning I finished the painting. I’m not completely ecstatic about it but it served its purpose of lifting me ever so slightly.  Read More

watercolor sketchbook } green


watercolor sketchbook } green

I just started a new watercolor sketchbook and I’m very excited! I can’t wait to get my desktop back so that I can use my Mustek scanner, which doesn’t work with my MacBook. Ten more days! Read More

vee aye pee



This Global Art Forum has opened up a huge can of worms called the VIP list. This type of caste system has never bothered or affected me until it…well…affected me. First of all, and to borrow a phrase from my Average Joe du jour John Oliver, VIP: how is it still a thing? Read More

me, my friends and the ninth global art forum

a hand-on-hip photo. heels bring out the diva in me, i'm sorry

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So the Global Art Forum came and went. There were glitches, some heartache and a general feeling of ‘it could’ve been better’. I’m sure we did all we could to present and host it to our best abilities. All I can hope for is that a. we do a better job next year (if we’re asked) and b. we have learned some valuable lessons about communications, expectations and how to run a damn good show. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be completely honest about my opinions and feelings here or to draw on the diplomacy GCC’s Fatima Al Qadiri discussed during the collective’s talk.  I can’t decide.  Read More

global art forum exhibition } preparing for tomorrow

mustafa, roberto and fahad handle secretary I with care and thought

DAI’s three muskateers mustafa, roberto and fahad handle ‘secretary I’ with care and thought. the d’artagnan of the group, sayed, came in to help the day after. he handles the electicals and it is in his hands whether my videos work or not tomorrow. all for one and one for all, sayed!

Tomorrow is the opening of Art Dubai’s Global Art Forum, held here in Kuwait for the first time. Part of the two-day event is a group exhibition at Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiya’s Amricani Cultural Center in Sharg. For the past four days, in one way or another, the four artists displaying their work, with the help of DAI and the Sultan Gallery staff, have been toiling hard to get this show ready. There are a few small details here and there to iron out but fingers crossed it’ll be done for the opening tomorrow at 2:30 pm. The artists showing their work are Farah Behbehani, Mohammaed Al-Kouh, Amira Behbehani and me.

Also, check out Monira Al Qadiri’s ‘JAYKAR’ video program continuous screening starting 4:00 pm. And lastly, my dear friend Mai Al-Nakib will be one of the speakers on the topic of writing, publishing and technology (Sunday, March 15, 5:15 pm).  Read More

watercolor sketchbook } tsunami

tsunami feature
watercolor sketchbook } tsunami

watercolor sketchbook } tsunami

Listen to Kate Bush’s Love and Anger:

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the traveling tap 4 } exit 293, kuwait

and finally yasmine gets a good shot


Last weekend my sister and I were invited to a ‘Kuwaiti’ party at our friend H’s beach house by the Saudi border. It was the equivalent of a toga party, but instead of Roman garb, the dress code was dishdashas for the men and dara’at (women’s robes) for the ladies. Folkloric singer Ismail Karam and his troop provided the music. It was fun. And freezing. And surreal (with the dishdashas and full men’s head dress, it was so difficult to distinguish the Kuwaiti men from the non-Kuwaitis. Not that that was important but several times I’d be thrown off). My sister and I stayed the night.

The next morning I was the first one up so I went out for a quiet walk with my tapestry and took some lovely photos. After breakfast with the Greek ambassador Theodoros Theodorou and long time Kuwaiti-resident Antonella Fanelli, and later a second breakfast with the rest of the sleepover party, my sister, Antonella and I went for another walk and photo session with the tapestry.

I can’t wait to go back next weekend for another much-needed respite. Read More


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